A whole lotta yadda-yadda!

Well, well there's just a whole buncha stuff to talk about....although none of it is very significant in the scope of things.

If you guys remember, back on Valentine's Day, I cleaned out the fridge- it was pretty scary!
Well, this morning on the radio I hear about what happened when a good hearted AT & T employee decided to clean out the fridge. Check it out here . I guess mine wasn't THAT bad!I mean, we all continued our day........

So anyway, this past week has brought many visitors:

We had a new tenant move to the pond in our front yard

...and some have come back!

Little Man also stopped by for a visit:

The poor child went home all beat up. He has developed quite a temper when you tell him no. Well, the child LOVE'S (with a Capital L) the great out doors. We tried to bring him in yesterday and he threw a major fit and smacked his head on the end table- got a little goose-egg!

Then, he fell into a plant that had thorns and got all scratched up on his elbow.

Then...just to top it all off, Rocky decided to plow into him, knocking him over.

That was yesterday. You would think he'd never want to come here again. I wasn't here when they got here today, but Ron said he was quite cheerful.

Uncle Kenny has also dropped by a few times this week...

That's him with the saw,the other one is Ron. Just so you'all don't get confused, Uncle Kenny is NOT related in any way, shape or form. Not that there's anything wrong with the guy! He is actually the "Uncle" to another friend of ours, Ray. Actually, he's been in a long term relationship with Ray's aunt...or something like that. Anyway, we've always just called him Uncle Kenny!

And just to confuse you more, my dear sis is married to a Ken, so my kids have a real Uncle Kenny, too. Have I lost you yet?

Now, let me tell you about another friend, Uncle Eddie. Ok, maybe another time.

So, anyway, Ron and Uncle Kenny have been cutting trees. Uncle Kenny burns wood in the winter and boy, we've got wood!

This week also brought my beloved Lilacs!

Mmmmmm....they smell sooo good!

So, what have I been doing with myself beside taking pics of everything & everyone?

Let's see the 11 yr old had strep throat, so part of Tuesday was devoted to that. I see her doctor more than I see my own mother....

Then, today I had an appointment with my podiatrist...

He's a nice enough guy, and he takes AmeriPlan (what a good guy!)

To be totally honest, what I really like about that place is the nurse. We'll call him "Cute Thang". He is a real (young) cutie, and really is a very good nurse. The first time I went there, the doc examines my footsies and then declares that he will have Cute Thang come trim my nails. Well, I had to endure Cute Thang playing with my feet. Momma- Mia! Kidding folks!

Anyway, when I get there today, it's apparent that Cute Thang is running the show. There is no receptionist, and Cute Thangs checking people in, calling them into room and the whole shebang.

I get called in fairly quickly, and only had to wait a few minutes for the doc. Cute Thang had it all under control.

After seeing the doc, I go out to get my prescription & my next appointment. The normal receptionist is finally there- Cute Thang was off the hook. Almost....

The receptionist went to copy my prescription and the copying machine didn't work. She says, "Cute Thang, did you break the copier?"

He says, "I can fix that-watch," He sprayed a little cleaner on the glass (plastic) window where you push your options, wiped it off, spun around, and waved his hand over the machine- and it worked! Cute Thang saved the day!

After I left the docs, I put some flyers out for the Dental and Health Benefits and the home business opportunity with AmeriPlan

Once I got home, Little Man welcomed me with a huge hug & kiss. Grandpa made everyone some hot dogs. Then it was time for Grandpa to go to work. Little Man & his Dad went home....

...and I took my laptop outside and started working. I was running ads titled "I'm sitting in my backyard, working...Where are YOU?"

I wasn't bragging, you understand. Just telling the truth.

I'm sorry if the poor people reading the ads were stuck in an office somewhere-that's just not me!

P.S. That's not me in the pic...ah-hum...my bikini's a little bigger!

I've been working as much as possible lately . I have a chance to win a trip to Vegas. Also, I am trying VERY hard to promote within the company to Senior Regional Sales Director before the convention in July, then I can walk across the stage with other's that have promoted.

If any of you blogging buddies know anyone that needs dental, vision, prescription,chiropractic or health benefits, they can go to:


....or if you or anyone you know is interested in a home based business, go to:


Anywhoooo...Ron just got home, so I should go say Hi.

You'all have a great evening and we'll see ya'all soon!


bernthis said...

I am working on getting that best Humor Blog award. I just lit a fire under my butt and am now determined to get it.

I hope you get the promo you deserve as well.

The time has come for us to reap the fruits of our labor.

Carolee said...

I voted for you!