Happy Virtual Girls Night Out! Join us tonight!

Reminder!!!! Reminder!!!! Reminder!!!! Reminder!!!! Reminder!!!! Reminder!!!!

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And now, for the great news!

It's Friday!!!!!!!!


Today is Friday - and that mean's Virtual Girls Night Out! Time to blog-hop and see what's out there. I love looking at other blogs, and this is a great time to do it.

So, hop on over to Ann's place and enter your link:


Now, here I'm telling you to go to the VGNO, but will I be there?

I'm not really sure. I am traveling out of state for my Great- Aunt's funeral. Depending on how late I get back from the wake tonight (and if I can connect to my uncle's wireless Internet) I may join in.

But I will admit, after traveling almost 3 hours, going to a wake and also visiting with the relatives, I may be too tired. We'll see.

If I'm not there, have a drink on me.

And I'll see you when I get back!

Bloggy love to all!

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Military Momz said...

I need to get back with it! I have been out of the loop and enjoyed the Girls Night Out I attended last. My son and DIL are here now. Surprised me! I was expecting them next weekend. I havent seen them since we flew out to CA to see them before he left to go to Iraq, so I am having a GREAT weekend and hope you are too!!!

Carolee said...

Wow, you got to see your son! That is so cool!

Terrible to say, but I had a nice weekend so far. Had my Aunt's funeral, of course which was sad, but you know weddings & funerals- you see everyone you don't normally see.

Our family is spread out over a few states. Every other year we have a reunion. This is the year, but the family member that usually hosts it can't do it, so we are trying to figure something else out.

We were asking every realtive, "How are the kids,how's the jobgoing, how much property do YOU have?" :-)

Anonymous said...

Stopping by for a late VGNO...hope your travels were safe...