Back from the funeral and more....

Well, we left Friday around noon. My daughter & I went alone. Ron is pretty much on call all the time, except when he's working ;-) so.. and the boys, well.

My Aunt Vi was a sweet heart and my Grandma's sister. Gram passed away last May. To see what a great woman Gram was, see my Mothers Day post.

So anyway I'm ready to throw my stuff in the car, and my dear daughter tells me I can put my bag on the floor in the back. I said , "Why not on the seat?" She shrugs. I go out & see this:

and this:

So, the bag went on the floor. I humored her & the "kids" went with us on our 3 hour tour.

At the wake, I got to see cousins- actually my mom's cousins, but many around my sister's and my age. My one cousin's son has a little 4 month old baby he is raising. We had alot of fun with the baby. I swear the kid remembered me from like 3-4 weeks ago- ok, he's a friendly baby!

I felt really bad for my Great-Aunt Essie. She is the last surviving sibling. There were 4 girls and one boy.

While I was gone, I guess Rollback came to visit Ron. Rollback is another character in a long line-up of characters in our lives. He used to drive a roll-back (to tow cars) at a place where Ron help's out now & then ( a friend's shop). Ron calls everyone by a nickname. Most people do name associations in their heads, Ron call them by the association.

Some of our friends:
Uncle Kenny, Uncle Eddie, Horner-boy, Mac-man, Big Ron

I'm sure there's more, but I am tired. Until tomorrow, or the next day.....



Ann said...

Long, long day.
I'm so sorry.

That back seat looks nice and cozy :->

Thank you for being a part of the Virtual GNO. Hopefully you've had some brightness and good times.

bernthis said...

i'm so so sorry for your loss. Hope all the "kids' are doing okay as well

Mike said...

Looks great to me.

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