Calgon, take me away! Busy weekend, busier life!


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Memorial Day Weekend went pretty well. We had the wake and funeral on Friday and Saturday.

Sunday I got more tomato plants in that I had gotten from my uncle. They are quite unique. If I get any fruit, I'll put a pic up. I also planted peas and green beans as well as the cataloupe I had started from seed.

Later, we cooked out with my nephew and his son. We had a really nice time.

Yesterday, it was back to work. I planted my zucchini and pumpkins.

I had already planted tomatoes , green bell & hot peppers on Thursday.

Yesterday I also had my son and his friend carry the old horse stall over near the girls goat house. I have a goat that has a form of arthritis and isn't all that mobile. Aggie, (whom I've mentioned previously) was being mean to her. She wasn't getting up much because of it.

The vet said to give her artritis meds for people, give it a month or two and if she isn't better we'll see. Anyway, I had her inside where we keep the feed and such. It has a wooden floor which isn't the best surface for goats to pee & poo on. So, now I have the other little stall and she has the ground for her "business" and it drains. She can be in the sunshine & we just cover it with a tarp at night.

THEN, I decided to transplant 2 rose bushes that weren't producing well. I think they weren't getting enough light.

In between everything, I was waiting on Ron. Don't remember if I mentioned it in the last post, but he threw his back out. He just had to chop away at a root left over from his & Uncle Kenny's frolicking!

Today, I felt kinda yuk for a while- just tired, sluggish. I worked for a couple of hours, then took a lunch. I'll admit, I took a 2 hour lunch and laid down. Feel better now. Maybe I just had a tad bit too much work and fun and sun!

Now I have to muster up the enthusiasm to go grocery shopping. Unlike most woman, I HATE shopping.

Every man's dream, huh?


Word has it that Little Man's Daddy & the roomate are behind on their rent (geee, wonder why??). The place is in the roomates name and he is just leaving, no notice, nothing.

So let's see who can put 2 + 2 together and figure out who is moving back in here? We barely have room for who's here now unless I give up my office. And the office serves as storage for holiday decorations, Girl Scout stuff & some tools.

I swear, out of 4 kids who moved out in the last year or so, he will be the third one back. The other two at least work, and try....but hmmm...this one hasn't been a very staedy worker. I'll admit he has the baby everyday while momma's in school. But still....there are babysitter's out there.

Anyway, Little Man lives with momma and the other Grandma, so that's cool. Not that I don't love the little booger to death,'s nice to send him home. I raised mine, thanks!

Ron and I were joking around that we ought to just build an apartment over the garage (That Ron is supposed to be building this summer) for the boys.

The boys said they would rather build a place in the woods. Now, I have always wanted a treefort/guesthouse type deal. A place to hang for the heck of it, but guests could have their "own space". So I'm for the "fort" idea. I even have cabinets and a counter that I recently tore out of my kitchen as well as enough bamboo flooring to cover about a 12x 6 area, and some left over linoleum as well. We'll see!

Chances are, Little Man's Daddy won't even be around. he wasn't last time he "moved back in"- never saw him!

We are, however inheriting ( for a time) his big screen TV. Bring it on, boy!

It will be interesting to see what transpires here!



Marla said...

Heehee, I like reading your post. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I hate it when the right name isn't in your brain anymore. lol...

I hope you get at least one tomato from your plantings, and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Have a Wonderful Day
Marla Ellis

Amy Platon said...

Being a mom is endless huh?

Hey, thanks for your "kindmments" I've totally hit a hornet's nest over there. But that ran in our local paper and like you stated, writing for the masses is hard. I think you have good reason to homeschool. If a school is too far gone, I say don't risk your own flesh and blood over it. Thing is, our local schools are actually good (not all would agree though, depends are your view). And in my school alone 6 kindergarten students were pulled out at spring. That school just hired 2 new kindergarten teachers to support the influx and then 3/4 the way through kids are pulled out. Hope all the new homeschoolers keep up the generally good reputation. Anyhoo, thanks for your pov. It means a lot to me.

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Amy- I think sometimes people are reading all these posts and skimming through them, and at times miss the meaning somewhere, or jump to conclusions. Oh well I guess writers need to have thick skins. To ward off the attacks :-)

Marla, if the sun would come out, I would believe I might get tomatoes. They haven't seen sun in a few days.