It's my turn Monday- the new me!

Ok, just because I work at home, I guess I don't have to look like an old hag!

I saw my sister a few weeks ago, and she asked me why I don't dye my hair anymore. I am pretty grey and used to dye it all the time, but I'm so sick of trying to keep up with it.

Then, last week I ran into an old Girl Scout of mine and her Dad. He looks and says, "Geez, your hair has gotten white- you need to go see Heather."

Heather is his wife and she used to do my hair. They lived about 2 miles away at the time and it was so convenient. Then, they moved. Like 12 miles away, but it seemed like a 1,000 miles.

Anyway, he may have been saying that just to get a little biz for the wife, but he got me thinking. I needed a cut anyway....and I DO have convention in July- hmmm....

So Saturday, I went and had Heather cut & color the head. I had 2 people tell me I look 20 years younger.

We had stopped by a friend's house - his nickname is Horner-boy. (You have to know Ron & his friend's to understand). Anyway, Horner-boy was just leaving to pick his G.F. from work (who has known us like 6 yrs). We rode along, thinking we'd surprise her.

Well she was surprised. We walked in to the bar where she works, and she just can see her thinking, "Where is Carolee? Who's this chick?" (to be truthful, I think she had a few drinks at work :-) We were in the car going down the road and she all of a sudden says, "You got your hair done! You look 20 yrs. younger!"

My daughter took a pic. It was windy as heck, but....


Oh yeah, I got new glasses since that pic, too!

Me after.....

But that's not all...Friday, I signed our family up for a membership at the YMCA. I've been wanting to do it for years, but didn't. My daughters doc said swimming is good for her arthritis. So now I can justify it!

My daughter & I went swimming Friday night & Sunday morning. They have aquatic arthritis exercise classes my daughter will take once school is out (they are early in the morning) and I'll do that with her or find another class to join.

And maybe I'll drop a few more pounds...I lost 7 or 8 lbs just by trying a little.

Anyway, time to feed the goats, the grandbaby & grandpa. Then get to work!


Mark & Heather Mac said...

Like the new do! You go girl.

Mike said...

Gotta look your best at home, right?

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