And the winner is....

We have a winner! Yeah! The winner of the book " The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson is ( drum roll, please) ta-da! Alicia of Beth Six. Woo-hoo, Alicia! I will be sending that book out to you A.S.A.P.

Wait, I need an address. Guess I'd better get that first.

And now, for the weekend update

I ( as usual) did not get through all the links that were listed Friday night on Ann's site for Virtual Girls Night Out. I promise to try to get to all your blogs this week!

Quite a bit of Saturday (and Sunday) was devoted to trying to weed the garden and stake up the tomatoes. What a chore! While we were in Dallas, the plants, which were about an inch high when we left, were about a foot high when we returned- as were the weeds! It looked like a field. My one hoe is on the misisng list. I mean who steals a hoe (unless it's the OTHER kind of hoe!) ?

Saturday afternoon, some friends stopped over. The fellow has worked with Ron for about 6 months or so. He is from around here, and they recently moved here from California. I love his wife- she is so nice and down to earth. While they were here, my nephew and his son stopped over. He probably wishes he didn't!

Somehow, we always have a project going on in our heads. For a while, Ron has wanted to add a deck off the side of our porch for the grill and maybe a chair for him to sit in while he cooks (ladies, don't you love the summertime?). Well, the plan was worked out Saturday, and yesterday they built it. With the help of my nephews nail gun, it was up in no time.

Here are a few pics from the last couple of days. I actually left my camera outside in the rain one night, but once it dried out for a day or two, it was fine! Now, don't believe the dates on them. I never set the date on my camera- no evidence- Ok, I'm kidding here. It's more of a lack of patience. I mean, that takes a whole 30 seconds or so to set it, ya know? Anyhoo....

The other day, Little Man took it upon himself to start walking to the neighbors to see if the "girls" (neighbor's granddaughters) were there.

Yesterday, we put a little water in the pool, which Little Man loved. I thought this was a great pic of Little Man and Princess Der.

Of course, later we had a downpour, so then he got to jump in mud puddles . Much more fun than clean water. Thank God Dad was gone at the time- he gets a little uptight concerning dirt.

Princess Der helps with the new deck

While Little Man's Dad works at his favorite thing- video games! Hey, no dirt involved and if someone gets their germs on the equipment it can be sprayed down with disinfectant. Ok, just kidding ( a little):

Here is the finished product from porch view:

(Ron has already made it his home :-)

Actually, the whole Fam Damily (as my dear departed dad used to say) came over for the deck building party. So that's why it's a mess - it's had lots of use already! (notice, I DID pick up the beer bottles 1st!)

For those of you non-redneck folks: Yes, we used old wood for the most part. Hey, my nephew does remodeling and building and whatever else. We get a lot of scrap wood and stuff from him. It's free, and as Princess Der would say, "It save's trees!"

They have been adding onto Princess Der's (former) school. She was EXTREMELY upset (like tears in her eyes and all) that they had cut down all the trees in the woods behind the school to build.

But back to the old wood on the porch- I do intend to one day paint it all so it all blends. Will it ever get done? Hm... do pigs fly?

But anyhoo, just wanted to touch base with the world before I get to work here.

You'all have a great week and we'll chat soon!


bethsix said...

Yippee! I'll send ya my address.

Your deck looks great. I'm really impressed. That was FAST.

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Why thank you!

Btw, your book is being mailed tomorrow!

JulieChats said...

Oops! Reading your post reminded me I forgot to water the garden & plants & it was 106 Portland, OR of all places!

Stopping by late from VGNO!

bernthis said...

well done my darling. Seriously, I am impressed. We have had so much rain here, I think I'm visting Seattle and not NYC

Carolee / Home4ever said...

It FINALLY quit raining!

Yesterday morning it rained so hard my garden was flooded(some was from the night before) !