I'll be a "Crackberry" addict when you see me again!

Ok, we're back again for another round of "Blog Hopping" for the Virtual Girls Night Out! I think I'll need a nap today so I can make it through all the blogs for once. I try to catch up on weekends, but usually family and friends stop over. And Mondays I'm back to work on my home business, so I try to catch some blogs here and there.

This week I....what the heck did I do? It seems it went so fast!

Princess Der had music camp for two days this week. They did something at The Piano and Organ store at the mall. They had musicians from several different states come in and talk to the kids about the different uses for music. For instance there are careers writing music for commercials and movies. Playing music,mixing music,teaching, etc...Her friend spent the night for two nights and went also. The camp was FREE, went on for 5 hrs each day, and they served lunch.

...and they got to write a song and play the piano.....

You can't beat that with a sharp stick.

Of course, princess Der wants organ lessons now! We'll see what it cost and if there's a contract- you never know. It could be part of her homeschool education.

Last night, after tons of research and talking to (techy) employess at several (techy) locations over the last few weeks...I bought a Blackberry! It's an older model and I got it for under $100.00 from ebay. We'll see how I like it. When we're due for an upgrade, maybe I'll get a newer version. But from what I read, some "Crackberry" users are downgrading to this model because it's so sturdy and you can't kill it.

And it's pink! They had a choice between black or pink, so I went with the "el Pinko"

Those of you who know me would say, "Pink? For Carolee?" I mean, I hate shopping, hate dressing up (except special occasions), hate styling my hair, I HATE EVERYTHING- psyche! But anywhooo, I would be the last person you would expext to have a pink phone.

But honestly, I have ALWAYS wanted either a purple or pink car. So much for not being a "flashy" type! So here's a pic of my new phone:

Ain't she "Purty?"

I got notification last night that it was shipped. It's coming all the way from California, so may be a few days.

In other news....after Ron practically flipped out on the boys for not helping out, they have really been using their noodle! They came up with a plan. If everyone had a cup with their name on it and used ONLY that, we'd have less dishes. Duh, do they not remember the Christmas they each got a cup I decorated exclusively for them? And how they thought it was soooo lame? Well, now that they are doing dishes, it's a great idea! I don't know why no one believes me- I am always right :-)

So now for a while, the boys have been doing the ( now less) dishes at least once a day. I have to admit, Ron's son has done them more, but my son was out working for a week with a friend earning some money. Other times they do them together. Either way they (sort of) rinse them, then put them in the dishwasher. Usually it's a 1/2 assed job...

Princess Der was helping me yesterday by dusting the living room and sweeping the kitchen. My friend stopped by and "caught" her working. My friends hubby works with Ron, so I told her to let Ron know Princess Der was working her butt off!

So anyway, enough of our boring life...it's time to party! Get on over to Ann's and start blog hopping. See you around the blogosphere!


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Opus #6 said...

I finally made the switch to a Blackberry, and I'm an addict. The internet is a MUST.

Happy VGNO.

robin said...

I haven't crossed over to the crackberry side but i've been thinking about it for a long time. It kills me not to be able to check my email away from home! :)
And a giveaway? Cool! I'd love to have my blog button or the button to my etsy handmade card shop on your site!
Happy GNO!

Nicole said...

Between facebook and blogging I dont have time for another addiction. I will not get a blackberry!

Great giveaway, I'd be happy to get more traffic to my blog anyday!

Happy friday and have a wonderful weekend.

Kristen said...

I can't see the first part of your post :( The movie goes right over it.

I love all the TLC you put into making cups...only to have them think they were lame. Someday that will happen to me. So sad...

Happy VGNO!