Pinkberry, Blueberry

Ok, I got my new Blackberry, which I call my "Pinkberry" the other day right after I posted. So now, I'm not just working at home, I'm working EVERYWHERE! Ok, not exactly yet- still trying to figure a few things out. I have my Hotmail and Yahoo account going to the phone, but still having issues getting my AmeriPlan email and some websites. I also haven't figured out the volume (duh-probably the easiest thing!) and how to turn off the vibrate and alarm that goes off everytime it downloads the email.

Friday Ron took half a days vacation and we went to our friend Dennis'. Actually, we all went- me, Ron, Golden child, my oldest son, my step-son and Princess Der. We (mostly Ron) gives Dennis a hand with haying, and in exchange, Dennis lets us get hay for our goats. He also runs a blueberry patch- he sells the blueberries, has pick-your-own, and sells some other produce from his garden.

When we got there, Dennis was picking as it had been so rainy they hadn't been able to pick. Now, the berries are huge, and needed to be picked before they split. So, we picked a couple of pailfuls for him, and took some home. Ron & I decided to go back the next morning to help them get a start on their day.

We got there and they were BUSY! They have some people that pick berries for pay- they were all excited to be able to work. There were also a lot of pick-your-own people there. We picked 4 buckets for Dennis and took another home. My mom also met us there and picked. It was fun, and we helped a friend out- that's always a good thing.

Later, my nephew and the kids came over for a while. Then, we had a fire outside and sat around that for a while.

Yesterday Princess Der went with her cousin and his wife to be in a parade. Ron & I went visiting friend's. You may remember Uncle Kenny from this post . We stopped at Uncle kenny's to see the new deck he added to the back of his house and the progress on his kitchen renovation. Both very nice!

Then we went to visit Horner-boy, who you met here . Had a nice visit with him, then went to grab something for supper. Got some yummy steaks and cooked on the grill!

And that, my friends, was my weekend. What about you?


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bethsix said...

I love my Blackberry (mine actually IS black, too :)), but it does make me crazy that I'm ALWAYS accessible now. I'm pretty sure I've even taken it in the bathroom before. Wait. Was that TMI? Hee. :)

blueviolet said...

I love blueberries and they're pretty easy to pick but I forgot to go this year!

Happy VGNO!