We DO NOT have a winner!

We DO NOT have a winner since no one entered the contest! Oh well!

And yesterday I DID NOT go anywhere. We ended up doing our usual- feed the goats, chickens and ducks, walk through the vegie garden, checked out the pond out front to see how the frogs were doing, look for snakes, and end up doing something.....

Ron had loaded the wagon with the hay and goat poop from the girls house. We went and dumped it in the woods where we have a growing pile of "almost dirt". Got carried away picking up gloves, hats, a snowboard, various wrappers, etc...that get left behind by all the kids around here.

In the winter, our woods are a great place to slide- there's a big hill going down to a huge pond (the pond is about a mile long). We've cleared most of the trees out of the way, but if you get off the path- well let's just say "Ow!" They are all pretty small trees right there, but I hit one once! Knocked the breath out of me!

Once you get us working, it's all over! Next thing you know, we're going through our wood pile looking for what we need for today. For today just brings another project to our household. Ron , my nephew and whoever else jumps in are going to add a "garage" type thingy to our shed- girls goat house. Ya gotta be a redneck to understand!

I know Princess Der will be there- she loves that kind of stuff. More homeschooling! Ron's oldest son (the one who moved back to the area) will be here. We should have quite the little building party going on!

Speaking of homeschooling, Princess Der helped Ron fix (or at least watched Ron fix) the lights on a tow truck for a guy Ron does some side work for. It ended up being a broken wire and he had to get underneath the truck and such.

Anyway, Little Man spent the night and I hear the little ruffian running around. Sounds like he's in a great mood. Last night he had a major fitzoid! Yikes, I don't think I've ever seen a melt down quite like it!



Tania said...

Happy VGNO!