We survived day one!

Yesterday was both a homeschool and work at home success! Princess Der finished her "paperwork" around 12:15 or so. She needed very little assistance and got everything right except one math problem. I'll have her correct that today. I think I got more work done yesterday morning than I have in a long time!

In the afternoon, we went to the bank, put a few flyers out and then went to get goat feed. We also got supplies for a science experiment that was in her science work book we got. It was to show how water moved through rocks in the ground. Here are some pics:

OOPS! A little accident!

That's ok, this teacher didn't get mad or ridicule!

In fact, this teacher dumped thistle seed all over when filling the bird feeder realizes we are all human and make mistakes!

We laughed and worked together to clean it up.

The Finished product!

While supper was cooking on the grill, we partook of a game of horseshoes (gym time!)Despite the fact that Princess Der has major problems with the hands (cannot close her hands all the way due to arthritis), she can throw those horseshoes pretty well (...and she gives a mean back rub!)Here's a pic of her- excuse the tongue....its a family thing...in almost every picture of my dad (now deceased)he is sticking out his tongue. Many pics of my oldest son and my nephew are the same!

My "Princess"

The Princess started her work around 8 a.m. today. My neighbors grandkids are over and they always want Princess to come over. The kids are 2 and 4. My daughter loves helping out, so she wants to be done so she can go over for an hour or two. Then, she has another doctors appointment to have her shot again. They are going to have her give it to herself and if she does ok, we are on our own from here on out!

Anyway, must get to work. Until later...bye, dudes!