Class is officially in session!

Today is our first day of homeschooling. I am both a little apprehensive and a bit excited. I do know that I feel so blessed to be able to even attempt this. If I weren't working at home, I don't think I could even contemplate such a hairbrained idea. Thank You, AmeriPlan for giving me this opportunity to be home and assist my daughter on her learning journey.

It is almost 10 a.m.. We got started around 9:15, and my daughter has already finished 2 subjects. Granted I wasn't sure how much to give. I was going with about how much work I would see come home when she was out sick. I know the first few weeks will be seeing "where she's at" and learning her unique learning style.

She slept right through the whole school bus thing. I was afraid she would be sad seeing it go by. Nope-she slept. A half hour or so later, she got up... for a few minutes. She said she wanted to go back to bed. I told her to go ahead!

I mean, I told her I was going to try to work it so any "book work" was done by noon. Art, science experiements,going to the YMCA, organ lessons and real living stuff (shopping, etc..) in the afternoon.

But, if she wants to take until 9 p.m. to do her paper and book work, play or TV until it's done.

Anyhoo, must get to work. Say a prayer for me!



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