Been raining cats & dogs!

Wow! It was raining SOOOOO hard today, I didn't even want to go out and feed the animals. I did wait until 9:30, when the rain slowed down for a while.

The Princess has been bugging me to pull out some old videos that (I swear) I just boxed up  like 6 mos- a year ago because no one cared about them anymore. Now, since she sighted them while putting Christmas stuff away, she has a renewed interest.

Like I said, today was a day where I just wanted to stay home. So I pulled out the old movies, and we took out any that Little Man would like, or can learn from. We found tons of our favorite books from when the Princess and my other kids were little.

Then , The Princess and I pulled out what movies we thought we wanted to see again. She actually has been busy with other stuff, so hasn't watched any movies yet! A lot are educational videos from National Geographic Kids and good films from Feature Films For Families (? have to check on that). Great for homeschooling!

I had a bunch of people to call for AmeriPlan, and also for advertising for Kids Standard. Good day for it!

Later, Ron and I went to the feed store to get goat food. They have a resident cat that sleeps on the counter. I'm not a cat person, but the thing begs me to pet it, so......

I'm making Shepards Pie right now, then I have a few other blogs to catch up on.......

Busy, busy, busy!



Yaya said...

I hope that cat didn't go in the shepard's pie..... ;)