A new meme? And big dreams, better make some big goals!

This week has just flown by, as usual! I've been pretty busy with the home biz. Right now, all our our dental and health plans are 1/2 off. If someone gets a plan by the end of February, it's 1/2 off each month for the next year.

I've also been busy on my new blog, Princess Der's school-  homeschooling our way. It was supposed to be by the two of us (as a away to encourage her to write) but she has lost interest. She wants one on babysitting, so she's doing that. She does love her kids!

I am also learning a new marketing system. It is so much easier than chasing people down. Once you get started, you have access to TONS of articles and video's. It has really helped me in my work.

If you're looking for a new meme, this may be for you, especially if you are a homeschooling mom or a teacher. It is called Field Trip Friday!

If you have been on a field trip during the week, post about it and add your link here:

Check out our field trip at:


That is where the big dreams, big goals come in!
And that's about it folks!


the Chacogirl said...

Greetings and Happy VGNO from Bubbles Anitacocktail, a.k.a. Brendasue at the chacogirl.blogspot.
Hope you're having a lot of fun blog hopping tonight. I'm having a giveaway on my blog, come and check it out! Hugs from Paraguay

Upstatemomof3 said...

What a cool idea!! We have not been on any field trips this week. But I will keep that in mind for future trips. :)

JulieChats said...

Stoppin' by to say hi from VGNO!

JENIE said...

remember me? it's been a while friend. hope you'll visit again ;)