Whiz kid or coincidence- you decide!

Little Man was here from Saturday until yesterday morning. We had fun as usual.

For those of you who don't know, Little Man is Ron's grandson(but I'm his Grandma in his heart). He is 2 years old, an absolute doll, the best kid in the world, or a rotten little poop, depending on the cicumstance. I worry because he doesn't talk much. Well, he talks alot and it's too cute, but you can't understand it.

Of course I've done daycare for years and I know every kid does things at their own pace. And he does sneak a real word in now and then. But we do work with him a little.

For Christmas, we bought him Fridge Phonics from leap frog. He seems to already know a letter or two from his name. Momma must have taught him that.

Before he left, I asked him to help me pick up all the magnetic letters he had scattered all over the kitchen. As we picked them up, I said the letter and the sound. A few times, he put the letter in the home base thingy that they go into that is stuck on the fridge. You push the letter in and it says the letter, has a little song & the sound it makes.

I picked up an R, gave it to him & said "R. RRRRRR(sound)".

He yanked it out of my hand, and started trying to get his fingers between the rounded part of the R and the "right leg" of the R.

I asked him what he was trying to do. He ran over to the TV in the living room, and started using the R as a remote to play Wii- he looked like he was bowling. We have let him play Wii Bowling with us.

Now I wonder, did he associate the fact that remote started with an R, or was it a coincidence?

You be the judge!



Michele said...

I try to always err on the side of "genious". LOL

He sounds adorable ;)

Shraddha@theselfloveproject said...

very smart i will say..

JENIE said...

im back, finally! it's my first day after two lonnngggggg weeks of absence here in the blogosphere. and its hard to keep up...but i truly appreciate your comments and visits so you're amongst the firsts to get my THANKS FOR NOT GIVING UP ON ME FRIEND! ;)