Is anyone else having this problem?

I just have to know. Is anyone else having problems getting back into the swing of things since the holidays? I swear, I can't settle down to do anything.

I have tons of prospects to call for my biz, blogs to catch up on, and articles to write.

I am also helping out with a new kids newpaper, Kids Standard. I am helping the woman with advertising. If you are in Central New York and own a kid or family -type business and you are looking for VERY reasonable advertising, let me know. There is a 30% discount the 1st month, and 10% every month thereafter, as long as there is no break in the advertising.

Little Man has been around quite a bit. We took him Sunday, then decided to keep him overnight. Monday, Grandpa wanted him to stay again. Grandpa took him home Tuesday morning. Yesterday around noon, the baby momma called and asked if I could watch him while she went to have her car repaired. That turned into another overnighter. It's been a blast, but I am too distracted by him! He's so cute and funny ( and such a bear if he's in a bad mood!)

We start selling Girl Scout cookies tomorrow- Yippie-Skippie!It should be fun as we have 2 girls that are new to the troop. They are all nice girls.

Rons job situation is still questionable. He is still working, and the boss throws them a little money now and then, but not his normal pay- not even CLOSE! I guess the boss is talking to a couple of people about either buying in to the company or else buying the customer list and equipment and closing shop. I would feel bad for the boss, but it's not the economy in this case, he did this to himself (and his employees).

The problem is, if you quit your job in NY, you will have your claim denied. And, Ron has known the boss for over 20 yrs. They worked together at another job. The boss then got hired where they are now and recommended Ron go there. A few years ago, the current boss bought out the old boss. Are we confused yet?

Anyhoo, Ron loves his job. He's been there like 20 years or so and he is top Road Man. If they have a Big Rig break down on the road, he's out there fixing them. And he's more dependable than the mailman. Not only does he work normal hours, and in rain, sleet and snow...but he will rescue drivers at all hours of the night!

There are some nights in the winter when it is snowing so bad, and so cold out! I worry like crazy and can't fall back asleep if he gets called out on a night like that. People will say he's crazy, going out & working in those conditions. His reply? "It's only cold out if you think it is."

Drives me crazy when he says that....

But when I start ranting about how cold it is when I'm out feeding the animals, I think of Ron and shut my pie-hole. After all, he freezes his everything off for us. Thanks honey- love ya!

And now, I must run and feed the said animals. Then take Little Man home & get to work!

P.S. Speaking of animals, we should be getting a puppy within the next few weeks to a month. For those of you who have been around a while, you may rememeber we are going to raise a puppy for Canine Working Companions. We would train and socialize the puppy. We will be those people you see in stores with the dogs with the training vests on. The dog will leave us after a year or so and go to more intense training, tailored to the individual it will serve. Usually a wheelchair bound person.

We were supposed to get a black lab. That's the breed they usually use. But Louanne, the woman from the organization emailed and asked if anyone was interested in raising a collie- they had some donated. I said yes. Not sure if I'll get that or not. We have a black lab/something mix now, and used to have a black lab/something mix. It would be nice to experience something different. But if not, that's ok, too. We love labs (except they love my chickens and ducks!)

P.S. I sang to a banana in my car because that's how I roll!

Don't know what that means? You'd better hop on over to Ann's place for a little Virtual Girls Night Out and see!


JENIE said...

salute to ron...he's one of those i would gladly give a commendation to!!!

and mom...i understand how you feel, but then, that's life.

missing your visits dear! come see also my newly reconstructed earthy me

Respectfully Yours said...

I agree, hard to get back into the swing of things after the New Year. I too am freezing my bullocks off. Sick of it already. Nice to visit you. Come on over and have a visit sometime. I know what your last line means - tee hee

Mary K Brennan said...

Happy VGNO!

Yaya said...

Banana mic? Nice!

Yes,I'm totally having trouble catching up from the holiday chaos.

Martha in PA said...

Thanks for stopping by! Happy VGNO!

Michele said...

Oh, I hear ya!!
Too much on my plate, and absolutely no motivation to get a handle on it all!!
Santa didn't bring me the wife I ask for... Damn him!!! LOL

Ashley said...

I completely sympathize! We moved a week before Christmas, so that didn't help things easier. Is it February yet??

Visiting from VGNO :)

Kat said...

Stopping by for a little belated VGNO action. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Absolutely having trouble getting back into the swing of things. Glad to know I'm not alone! :)

Kudos to Ron for going out in the cold and not letting it bother him... ;)

How cool that you'll be training a dog like that - hope you post pictures! :)

Happy belated VGNO! :)

JulieChats said...

Good luck with that cookie selling, my husband bought some from the little girl who knocked on the door yesterday. For me it was Camp Fire candy & being dropped off on a block and picked up at the other end while my mom waited in the car, so glad no one does that anymore, I hated it!

Hope you had a Happy VGNO!

Shraddha@theselfloveproject said...

i relate...

thanks for visitng my blog too..