The Canine Working Companions Event

Santa giving treats to the dogs

Yesterday me and another broker, Larry set up a table at the Canine Working Companions Event. The organization trains dogs to be used as hearing dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs. We really had a great time talking to the other vendors and some of the people who train the dogs. My 11 year old "came to work" with me. She is great about going around & handing out flyers to people for us. We gave out a lot of information on our benefits programs and work at home. We had a contest giving away a weekend vacation for two as 1st prize, a shopping card for second, and a free Rx card for 3rd.

Here's a pic of Larry trying to get people to fill out raffle tickets for the Canine Working Companions as well as our raffle for the vacation. We were also giving out bags that had a toothbrush, a benefits flyer, and a dog treat.

Canine Working Companions also had Santa available to get pictures of your pets for Christmas. So there were a lot of dogs there. There were so many cute ones. We saw a lot of retired greyhounds, a few pugs, a puggle, a french bulldog, the whole line-up it seems.

Canine Working Companions are going to be coming to one of our Girl Scout meetings and doing a presentation for them. My girls are excited as anything dog is cool.

We are thinking of training a puppy in our home. I think it would be a great way to give back to the community. Also, my daughter needs to do a community service project for Girl Scouts. The organization takes care of vet bills and such, we are responsible for getting the dog to the appointments and training classes. We also need to buy the food. So, we are going to see about going to a training class and checking it out. It may be hard to give the dog up at 12-14 months, but rewarding when you see where they go and how they will enrich the lifes of the person they go to.

The neat thing is, you have to socialize the dogs, so you can take them into stores, restaurants, etc... with permission. Apparently most managers are ok with it. Once they are through training, then obviously they can go anywhere. I would like to train a therapy dog and take it to nursing homes and hospitals.

I really enjoyed our time yesterday, seeing those in wheelchairs come with their dogs. Very touching. Hopefully, Larry and I will get a lot of business from our efforts yesterday and that my family and I can help those less fortunate by training a companion dog.

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