Life is just one big routine.....

.....once you get used to it, it changes! I made that saying up years ago and it never fails to be true! Even working at home, it is almost impossible to settle into any kind of schedule- at least with my family! It seems just when I get into the groove of things, something changes. Of course, I guess all the parties involved should be thankful that I work at home and have the flexibilty to accomodate almost any situation.

For instance, I was giving my son a ride to work everyday. He came back from down south about a year ago and has had a heck of a time finding steady employment (hasn't eveyone?). With so many places folding, there are less places to go to everyday. To top it off, most jobs are through temporary agencies. They promise to hire you after 90 days, but it never happens. He also is without wheels and is having a hard time saving for a car on his low-paying temporary jobs. So, I give him a ride.

The last place my son worked was about 1/2 hr away. Not that bad on a good day- it's a nice ride through the countryside. I actually started looking forward to the drive every morning- after I dropped him off, I had a good 1/2 hour to think and plan my day. Taking him to work became part of my routine. Of course, the snow has arrived, and I did in my head wish that a job a little closer to home would pop up. Well, my son was let go the next day. He did find a job (temporary) about a week later that is only 5-6 minutes from home-yeee-haw! But for that week he didn't work, I couldn't get my bearings together at 1st. I swear i have adult ADD!

My honey, Ron also had his hours change around that time. He goes to work an hour earlier now. Between the two, I was kind of aimless for a few days. Then I found my groove with the new routine. Then, my son finds a new job, so the routine has changed again! Oh well, I love that I can help my loved ones. Where would my son be living in the country with no car, no bus service and looking for a job?

So, I am now establishing a new routine and pray that it doesn't change anytime soon. The 5 minute drive instead of 1/2 hour gives me more time to work on my business, so I can realize my hopes and dreams faster!

Well, must get to work, while I can! :)

Carolee Sper
Regional Sales Director
yahoo instant messenger ID: carolee_sperry
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