Getting ready for the Little Man, RV adventures and more...

Life has been just flashing by! Of course, my various activities eat up a lot of time.

In addition to trying to get a little work in, Saturday I dismantled much of my "office". Many of you may remember when I finally got my office. After kids moving in and out, I finally claimed a room before someone else came back and did! That room became my office/Girl Scout storage space/holiday storage space, etc...

The room was pretty much cut in 1/2. Well, Little Man's Daddy and Momma are seeing a mediator on Friday, and hopefull Little Man will become a  member of the household at least 1/2 the time. At least until Dad save's enough $$$ to get another place. We haven't seem Little Man in a few weeks. I'm having withdrawals!

So, I gave up my space so the Little Guy can have a space to call his own.....

I got a new (to me) counter. We tore out a dinosaur of a counter from my kitchen about a year ago. We were going to get a little counter on wheels. Well, we are master procrastinators. Then Ron's job was in jeopardy. So we put it off.

The other day, On my local homeschool website, someone had one for $25.00! After a few emails, a little phone tag & missing each other once, it came home last night.
Here's a pic:

It has a few "puppy chews" on one part. I told the lady that was ok- it's not that bad and we are getting our puppy today anyway.

Just in case anyone got all ga-ga over the puppy, Rocking wanted everyone to remember who is King in this household.....

It's not Ron...

( Notice how nice Rocky is to share his chair with Daddy!)

That's because ROCKY is the King boss here!

...and you'd better not mess with him during his cat - in mean dog- nap!

Giving up one space, but gaining another?

I have been reading tons of RV ads, looking at Rv forums and more....

I think for what I want (for now) and what we can afford (next to nothing), we may go for this one. It's very old- like 30 years, but the engine has only 60,000 original miles.

We looked at it yesterday. I knew it was a fixer-upper (which is a-ok with me). It was better in a lot of ways than I suspected it would be, but had a few drawbacks.

It does have a FULL bath (although not huge), a bigger fridge and a monster of a counter top across from the stove that I love/hate. Great for storage, but a space hog.

But.... there is no separate sleeping quarters except the space over the cab- that would the Princesses bedroom. The table becomes a bed, but I would prefer to use that only if absolutely necessary. I want that available for mornings- Ron & I are both early risers.

The table & couch are u-g-l-y. I will probably recover cushions/paint table or replace whole thing.

Ceiling above loft bed needs to be glued back up/maybe replaced.

Design on walls is u-g-l-y, but I have been reading on RV forums that you can paint over that. I did it when I lived in a trailer years ago.

I'm waiting for the seller to get back to me with measurements. I am pretty sure if I got rid of the tub, and stole a little bathroom space, I may be able to get a sleeping space- full size bed or queen.

Anyway, it is pretty cheap...but! The wife did pull me aside and said that they are willing to take ANYTHING- they are moving on the 1st and do not want to take it. Apparently she had purchased the rig w/o consulting hubby. She loves to camp, come to find out he doesn't!

Today I have several leads to call for the biz that come in over the weekend. We need to double check the house and make sure it's "puppy proofed". Tonight we get the puppy and I believe have our first training class.

 You can read about our puppy adventures HERE.

Well have to go feed the goats. Which reminds me, I'm probably getting rid of my farm animals this Spring. You can travel with dogs, but not goats or chickens! Plus, I'm getting tired of the everyday chores, going out and feeding 2x's a day NO MATTER what the weather!

Anyone northern/central NY want some goats, chickens or ducks, let me know!

Like... I need to go do it now! Brrrrr......................

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