Even Ron is Spring Cleaning...................

You may have noticed by the post below that I am TRYING to Spring Clean............notice I say try! I still need to Spring clean my office space (what there is after moving out of my office!) Still a work in progress....

Ron did a little Spring cleaning himself...he actually had the Black Box taken away by the scrappers. If you don't know about the Black Box, you must not read my blog much!

Just kididng. The Black Box is a vehicle Ron bought that he had on the road a few months, and then somehow it became a woods car- you know, like a lot car, except Ron would drive it in the woods for fun. The kids loved it- the woods are hilly and it's like an obstacle course going around trees. Ron has clipped a few trees to be sure:

Of course the scrapper's were supposed to pick up a van of Ron's that was supposed to be at his old place of business , but his x- boss moved everything to a friend's garage. The friend of the boss told Ron if he tried to move the van, he'll smash it up with a sledge hammer! Cute, huh?

So Ron called the ex-boss and asked him to tell the guy it's ok for Ron to get it. Ron's going to bring the title in case....anywho the Scrapper Dude was getting the Black Box in exchange for picking up the van. I guess now Ron will have to pay him to go out a second time.

Speaking of Ron, he goes to talk with the guy from Rochester on Monday or Tuesday about work. It sounds like a done deal just from phone conversations, but they need to get details ironed out.

It's a gorgeous day out..........I think I'm going to finish up my blogging (did you see my new blog? http://www.athomeonwheels.com/ ? ) and AmeriPlan stuff and do some yard work. The yard needs it.

And....today is Friday! That means Friday Fragments and Virtual Girls Night Out!

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Infidelity in the farmyard!

Ron took one of the roosters out of the coop and threw him in with the girls (goats). Living with the girls are a chicken that got out one day and we left out, and the ducks.

Recently, we have caught the rooster cheating on his "chick"- he's been trying to get all lovey-dovey with the lady-ducks! Of course, Momma Hen doesn't seem to care- she's like, "Whatever, just leave me alone..."

Guess a little infidelity is ok with her...

Food: What will you eat?

Do you ever watch those shows where the guys go to other countries (even other states!) and eat all kinds of gross stuff? I mean they're eating bugs,and weird animals.......even TESTICALS! Ugh............

Of couse, in other countries, cows are sacred, so our Spaghetti and meatballs may be totally el-gross-o to them!

Me, if I'm going to eat "b_ _ ls", it will be meatballs, thank you!

Speaking of cultural differences...
My son said there's a new girl in school from Washington state. She said she loves it here because we are so relaxed. I guess in her old school, the kids dressed to the 9's, and getting ready in the morning took forever. Here the kids throw on a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a Hoody sweatshirt. Ok, NY gals, I know you put a LITTLE more effort into it, but....

When I went to college a few years ago, some of the "kids" came to school in their pajamas!Wondering if any of them are looking to work in their pajamas?

Ok, it's time for me to go add my Friday Field Trip to my homeschooling page, and add content to my At Home On Wheels Blog.

Then, it's off to Virtual Girls Night Out!


Hope to see you there :-]


Upstatemomof3 said...

Are you planning on moving to Rochester? Where are you now? Are you in Upstate NY too? We live only about an hour from Rochester. We love the Strong Museum out there.

Susan Campbell Cross said...

Just stopped by your At Home on Wheels site--very cute! Happy VGNO to you and have a great weekend!

Kirby3131 said...

I went to college in the mid 80's and going to school in your pajamas was not something anyone did - but then again, lounge wear wasn't really invented yet. We didn't have Old Navy yet LOL

I can't even watch people eat gross food - in person or on TV. Nope. ugh.

Have Friday Fragments :)
Kristin - The Goat