Happy Earth Day, fellow Earthlings!

Today is Earth Day, and it happens to be the 40th one! What can you do to help save the Earth?

There are a ton of things- many of which will appear on this blog over the next month:


I am guest posting there on Saturday. Be there or be square................

Just can't wait?

Have no fear.....there are great things going on there everyday!

Today, One lucky reader will win a Marcal Small Steps starter kit worth $25! The kit includes an assortment of Marcal paper products: toilet paper, napkins, paper towels and facial tissues!
So mosey on over and enter to win!

Over on my writings blog I posted an article I had published in Syracuse Family times in April 2005. Check it out HERE.

Here are some "Earthy" pics I took in the last few days:

A local lake at Sunset. We love to go walking, skating (ok, tried it twice) and biking there. There are miles of paved walkways along the lake for the skaters and bikers and a trail for walkers.

A trolley goes up and down the lake several times a day. When I babysat, I would often take the kiddies to the park- they thought the trolley ride was awesome!

They have a dog park, a big childrens playground and several smaller ones along the lake shore, and a skate park. My son LOVED that!

This one was happening in my yard just as I was leaving for my Journal Writing class last night:

Not sure how well you can see it, but it's a snake eating a frog! Of course the Princess, Ron, Golden Child, his GF and I had to watch for a while. Darned that snake for taking so long to eat! i had to get going....wouldn't do for the teacher to be late to class. If I don't believe the line, "The dog ate my homework", how can I expect my students to believe I'm late because "the snake ate my frog?" Is that an excuse? Would they REALLY believe it was MY frog?

Anyway, go love the Earth and it's people....and remember to check back tomorrow for Friday Fragments, Field Day Friday, and Virtual Girls Night Out!



Henrietta said...

Thanks for sharing my giveaway, and Thank you for guest posting I love your article! This is so funny but I have a picture of a snake eating a frog somewhere on my blog from last summer! My hubby and daughter rescued the frog lol :) Have a happy day!

Is Dis Normal or Dysfunctional? said...

What a cool thing to watch with the kids!

Thanks for visiting my website.