Slow Day, Itching To Play

Can I just say one thing?

G  F !!!!!!!

We have had something going EVERY night this week:

I got some new batteries today, and for another day, my camera is working. So todays post will probably have quite a few pics from the last few weeks.

Today is also the day for Friday Fragments, Virtual Girls Night Out and Field Trip Friday.

So let's go, shall we ?

Friday Fragments (or Fragmented pics...)

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Grab a shovel and relax!

As some of you may have read here or in my other blog, I have gotten rid of 3 goats-we have 3 to go! Then we are free to be...........

We removed the fence between the girls and boys yard, since all we have is the boy goats left. I have been making the duck pond bigger. The one there now has taken me about 3 years digging off & on (by hand).

People ask me why we don't just get a bob cat (or whatever digger-thingy we need) and get 'er done......

...ask Ron!

No, I can't blame him. There is something relaxing (you're saying...WHAT?) about digging boulders and mud out of the ground.

Check it out:

This is the main part now, I'm extending it on the left. See all the huge rocks along the bank? They were there or somewhere else in our yard.

Another huge rock in our arsenal. Princess Der painted it with chalkboard paint. Now and then she and her cousins or friends will go color on the rock.

We also have plenty of trees and 2 more ponds. One is at the bottom of the hill in the woods behind our house and is about 1 1/2 mi long!

The other pond is just a small one I made in the front yard. We pretty much let the frogs and a snake or two make their home there. It's near my "outdoor office."

                                                                                                     The Scary Tree

The scary tree is in the woods behind the house and we have always called it the scary tree. It used to have more scary limbs shooting off it, but they have broken off over the years. Every time we have a major wind or thunder and lightening storm, we go check on the scary tree. That huge limb on the left has been "barely" holding on for years.

It isn't too far from what the kids named "the Snake Pit"- story to come at a later date............

Another Mystery In The Barnyard....

You see this duck? You'd better look quick! Because next time you look, she may be a chicken!

They can't decide who should sit on the nest. Wouldn't it be cool is we had "chucks" or something?

You just never know around here....

And last but not least.............Little Man doesn't think it's fair that his "Pops" (dad) should have to do dishes. Or was this POP'S idea?

In The News......................

Don't forget that tomorrow I am the guest poster for A Hen's Nest. Check it out!

I also posted an article for Earth Day on my other blog. It was published in Syracuse family times April 2005 issue.

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Business has been slow I'm headed out to dig in the pond play outside.

See you at Ann's Virtual Girls Night Out later!


...and if you've been on a Field Trip this week: Post about it and put your link HERE

P.S. Comments

I LUV ..........absolutely LOVE leave one....or else........

I may cry  :-(


Anonymous said...

Stopping in from VGNO to say hi...."HI"

Aging Mommy said...

Happy Friday and VGNO!! Enjoy your weekend!

Adrienne said...

I ahve been a comment slacker all week I have been busy you have a lovely place and I thinks some chucks would be too fun =)

JENIE=) said...

it's been sssssoo long dear, i miss you. see me again?=(
life round meNyou