Momma Mia! It's Meme Mania!

Ok, somewhere along the way, I found a new meme to partcipate in. It is called Funny Fridays. Don't you just love the button?

When I was thinking about what to post that is funny, I thought about the clip below.

It aired the other night. I've seen it dozens of times, but everytime I do, I laugh so hard I cry........

For those who don't know the show, Jerry (the fellow being polygraphed)  has recently started dating a woman police officer.

One day while visiting her at the prescinct , he sees the polygraph machine. He asks his new Gf what it is. She tells him, and remarks that they have had some well-known people there.

She gives an example- a guy from Melrose Place, then asks Jerry if he watches the show. He says no. She doesn't believe him and challenges him to take the poly.

He really DOES watch the show, so here goes..............enjoy!

Continuing on to Friday Fragments:

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Can I say "call me a little backwards"?

Wednesday night I had my Journal Writing class. I had to stop at the store afterward. Since I hadn't eaten before class, I found myself cooking at 9:30 at night.

I had been hankering for roast beef hash, so that is what I had for supper Wednesday night. Along with some toast, no egg.

The next morning (yesterday) I got a bit busy blog-hopping and working on a new website....I happened to remember around 10 a.m. that I hadn't eaten yet.

I had left-over goulash. Yum.......................

Speaking of my new website.........

I have started another business of sorts. I have created a website with information on starting a blog, gaining followers and making $$$ blogging. For those who need help, I am for hire. I have a great blog designer I'm talking to about helping with the "prettier side of things". Some of you may know her, and I'll make a formal announcement when everything is hashed out.

My web address is:

I am adding more content daily, so check back often.

Are all the goats gone?

I may be getting rid of my last 3 goats today. Unfortunately, the trailer we were interested in but couldn't see yet because the guy was out of town...SOLD!

Which is ok I guess as Ron STILL hasn't started his new job. He's definately got it- the guy got ahold of him the other day. He's just been so busy himself he hasn't gotten the service vehicle set up for him.

Dyslexic typer?

For some resaon I can WRITE normal, but when TYPING, I'm dyslexic.

Do you know how many times in a day I type the word "service"? I usually type it "servcie" accidentally. Same with other words- I often screw up at least two letters. And I am a pretty good speller when writing.

News on iPod

We got some sad knews the other day concerning iPod, our service (that word AGAIN!) dog. Check it out HERE.

Now that we have no more goats (I think) we have two spare buildings......Ron has pretty much already taken over the girls goat house, since he needed a place for all of his tools when he lost his old service (that word AGAIN!) vehicle. Plus it's attached to the building where he already has a bunch of his junk.

I thought maybe the Princess and I could make a girls hang-out/office in the boys house.

I know a lot of people are thinking-yuk!

But actually, once you get them out and dry out the flooring, you can't smell any goat smell. If we were to do anything like a girls hang-out we would have to dry it out good, then put new flooring over that, then wood, tile or carpet.

Or I can make a little "pad" for one of the boys (adult children).........

.......get 'em out of the house one way or another!

It will probably end up filled with junk....

Been on a field trip this week?

I'll admit it, I'm guilty of NOT going on one this week, again! But if you did, go to the link above and add your link and post about your field trip on your blog.

It's a gorgeous day out...............

I have a few more work related thing to do online, then I'm headed outside! Later, I'll be back for Virtual Girls Night Out.

See you'all there!


clew said...

I have typing dyslexia with "the" and "because" I almost always type teh adn becasue. Oh, and apparently and is a problem as well.

What's up with that?

~ Visiting from FriFrags! Happy weekend :)

Aging Mommy said...

Oh my - you make me feel tired just reading about your week. Happy Friday and VGNO! Have a great weekend!

mimbles said...

Good luck with the new web business!

Happy FF :-)

Cat said...

Wow, you definitely stay busy!

Nom to the goulash, and thanks for your comment on my blog! It's always good to hear from someone who's been there.

Cleo said...

I'm a dyslexic typer as well! Makes NO sense when I'm really an avid reader with a large vocab and can spell quite well!

We would LOVE to allow our chickens to free range as you did yours. However, have 2 dogs that weren't raised with them and would definitely eat them!

What kind of goats did you have? My husband has been wanting to get a few...along with some rabbits and a pig for our slop. You'd never know it by the sound, but he's a suit-and-tie Investment Consultant by day, and Hobby Farmer when he walks through the door at night and on the weekends!

So glad you stopped by my blog for a visit! said...

I love the Funny Fridays! and that episode especially... my fiance is a HUGE Seinfeld fan.