It's just too darned quiet now...

Well, iPod is gone - already! My house is soooo quiet I can't stand it. Rocky is most likely wondering what happened to this friend.

If you are a follower, you probably know that every dog friend we get ends up leaving in one way or another.

One of our dogs , Thunder just died- came in the house and died. She was a rescue dog and was hyper and had issues, but c'mon!

I eventually got another pooch, Max- the cutest little peek-a-pom. He ran outside when I was bringing in groceries and answering the phone at the same time- doesn't he run in the road...well you can probably guess what happened.

Then there's Duke. He was just passing through. The dog of my son's (at the time) girl friend, Duke came around a lot. Being she's an ex-GF, Duke no longer visits.

And now iPod. To see her story, go HERE.

On the other hand............

I didn't want to give iPod up, but the rest of my goats, I do. I have 3 left, and a fellow is supposed to take them. I talked to him Friday and he was out buying fencing. I was hoping he would get them this weekend.

I am getting rid of my goats for several reasons, but one is because we are looking to camp/travel soon (I hope). You can check that story out here.

No blog yet?

If you are presently a lurker, but not a blogger OR if you would like to start another blog check this out first. There is tons of information, and I'm adding more daily....................


Yesterday we saw a flurry of activity. My nephew gave Ron 4 double-sided metal cabinets. Ron's in heaven- he can organize all of his tools and such in his new "man cave" that used to be the girls goat house. While my nephew (and his son) was here, Ron's oldest son, his gf and her 3 yr old son came by. Then who wanders in but Mr & Mrs. Rollback (friends, nick-name).

We had a great time hanging out at the picnic table, walking through the woods, and playing with the kids. Later, we made cheeseburgers along with some mac salad and whatever else we could dig up.

Gotta love family, friends and weekends.

Now, I need to go start my week........

Hope you'all have a Happy & Prosperous Week!

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