Digging to China and other lies.....

....your mother may have told you. I'm sure everyone has a few of those- things your parents may have told you to do so that you would get out of their hair, stay in line or otherwise do their bidding.

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Since today is Friday, I thought my Friday Fragments would be just that- some snippets of stuff that will finally reveal to all why I am the way I am.

And they are somewhat funny, too. So they also qualify for Funny Fridays.

So here we go.....

Digging to China- my mom would give us a shovel spoon and tell us to go dig for China.

Notice how I like to dig in my pond now..........it's comforting, like momma!

Go catch a bird.... mom would give us a salt shaker and tell us to shake salt on the birds tail and catch it...

Say what, say what? Catch a birdie, say what?

Did it work? Heck no, the bird's wouldn't let us get close enough to test that theory!

The only birdie I ever got was from my brother's hand if you know what I mean (um, as in fingers...)

I'm a witch...or I have eyes in the back of my head...........that would be my momma- she always seemed to know what we were doing.

I remember being in the bathroom once and I was like 12 (I know WAY TOO young).

I had stolen one of my mom's cigarettes because I wanted to try it. I remember wondering if it were REALLY true, was she a witch?

I saved that cig for later...........don't know if I thought her "powers" didn't work outside of the house or what....

Ok, now for a funny tid-bit or two about Ron's childhood:

When the guys were putting in the septic for our house before we moved in , the contactor asked me about Ron. Apparently, he knew some of Ron's SEVEN older brothers- yes Ron's a baby can you tell? You could if you lived with him. Kidding!

Rons mom raised most of the boys alone- his dad took off shortly after he was born. According to this contractor, there were so many kids, they were sleeping in dresser drawers!

You see that open drawer? That was my Ronnie's bed. The bigger brothers slept in the lower drawers so Ron would have something soft to step on getting out of bed..............

Of course they haven't seen the one brother since the bottom drawer got stuck ....

I scoured YouTube for a clip from Seinfeld (again, I know....)
of  Kramer and his Japanese houseguests. They slept in dresser drawers. It was too funny!

According to Ron's oldest brother, Ron's mother also knew 101 ways to make Spam - not the email kind, silly- the canned meat kind!

I was at Target yesterday...........

I was kind of wishing I could be a Skinny- Minnie again for once. I mean all those cute little outfits.......like I used to wear have never been able to wear.

But would I have the nerve even then to strutt my skinny stuff?

Our friends Mr & Mrs Rollback stopped by last night. She was telling me she had talked to her daughter back in Missouri. She told the daughter she was getting gray hair. The daughter said she was going to count the gray hairs on her mothers head when she came to visit this fall.

Mrs. Rollback told her, "You better pack a lunch....AND a supper while you're at it!" (imagine a southern drawl...)

I thought that was cute......

Picture of the day.......
Duck Soup or Stuck-Duck?

I went out to feed the animals the other morning and saw this. Poor duck had to stay there while I ran inside to get the camera.

Now I must go get some work done, then get outside. I think it's warming up (again!)


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Very funny!! Happy Friday! I so remember being told to dig to china. I'm going to have to try that one on my grand kids! Happy Mother's Day!

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The duck picture made me chuckle *L*

The dresser drawers being beds is so funny! My mom told me a similar story from when she was younger, but it wasn't her who slept in the drawers. I just remembered thinking it was the COOLEST THING EVER!

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