Pretzeled to death!

Boy am I glad I work at home! This morning a major highway in the city was backed up for miles because of an emergency bridge inspection. Can you imagine being on that highway, with a super-size coffee 3/4 of the way gone, and traffic comes to a dead stop. We all know what you need to do, since you can't...........yeah, go  potty!

And what was the emergency? Haven't found that out yet!

Pretzels, anyone?

Our friends, Mr & Mrs. Rollback are carnies (yes, they know we call them that!) Mr. Rollback worked with Ron years ago, that's how they met.

A couple of years ago, Rollback became a carnie, working at all the field days and fairs setting up and tearing down rides, as well as running one during the events. He also transports their equipment.

They stopped by last night with FOUR cases of pretzels........

I guess the pretzels are good for up to a year, but because of health laws, they cannot be sold after 30 days of purchase. They were going to throw them out.

There are 72 bags in each case! We gave a case to our neighbor and one to Golden Childs girlfriend. But we have a lot left!

Apparently, you get the pretzel wet, then put it in the microwave.

Ironically, the microwave died sometime overnight..............

So here we were with slightly under 200 packages of pretzels and no way to heat them...when Ron has an ah-ha moment!

Out in the shed, we still had a spare microwave one of the kids had dragged back when they moved back in. He brought it in, the Princess cleaned it, and now we are back in the pretzel business.

I guess there IS a bright side to kids moving back in......

I didn't think so yesterday........ :-)

A new blog you may want to check out

I recently met a woman named Vivian in one of my journal writing classes. Great woman with a big heart.

Of course, the topic of blogging came up during class. So when Vivian wanted to start a blog, she called me and we talked about it.

This is her idea......

She used to work for a company making travel plans for the employees. She would work with airlines and major hotels to negotiate a better price.

She would like to negotiate a great price on dental and vision plans, since so many people have lost these services or maybe even never had them.

So she started a blog to gauge the interest out there. I know many of us are home business owners and may need something like this...

So stop by her blog and say Hi and give her some encouragement...

You all have a great day and don't forget, I'm still taking suggestions on what you think makes a "good" blog.


Cindy Haskin-Popp said...

What flavor pretzels are those? It looks like they have a chocolate coating. If they don't, I bet they would taste good dipped in chocolate.

We used to have a gourmet pretzel shop in our area that sold pretzels of all flavors from pizza to chocolate chip. They were good.

Carolee Sperry said...

They are plain, but I had one last night & they are pretty good!

Of course a little medium Salsa Con Queso cheese to dip it in is good, too!