Puppy and Little Man pics...

We fell in love with the Jack-a-Poo we went to visit Friday, so we decided to get him. We picked him up yesterday afternoon.

He has been doing very well. He whined quite a bit when first put in the crate, but got over it after a while. He slept from about 11 p.m.- 4:15 a.m.

I got up to take him out and then decided to just snooze on the couch with him rather than have his whining wake everyone up.

I think we have settled on Cosmo for a name...Cozzy for short. He seems to like it!

Here are a couple of pics- he is REALLY small!

Puppy in purse                                                                                

Puppy &  Rocky






Little Man

For some reason Grandpa gave Little Man his own hammer and a board with a nail.

Normally I would say good idea....why not?

Apparently grandpa forgot that Little Man throws things when he's angry!

Hope you enjoyed :-)



Susan Campbell Cross said...

Sooo cute (puppy and baby, too!). That's too funny about the hammer. Hope Grandpa has hard bones!

Bethsix said...

Cute, cute, cuuuuute!

Carolee Sperry said...

LOL- I took that hammer away!

Of course yesterday, Ron was helping Little Man fix something on the tricycle.

When they were done, Ron let little man play with the wrench.

I confiscated that asp, too!