Your opinion....what makes a blog "good"?

As many of you know, I have started a blogging service of sorts.

In an effort to better help people with their blogs, I figured I'd ask those who read blogs- YOU for opinions!

So opinions, please.  You can give a general answer in the comments section here, or email me. I won't spam you or anything, I am just doing a little research.

If you can think of anything that irks you about blogs, share that as well. For instance, I hate it when there is no "white space". You know those blogs that are an amazing 2,000 words long with out a space between the sentences, no pics and no headlines. Makes for hard reading.

I usually click off- NEXT!

Here are some of my questions.

What type of blog do you read?

Examples: mom blog, dad blog, home business blog, review blogs, etc....

Do you like multi-purpose blogs?

Example: mom blog & review in one, mom blogger selling products, etc...

Do you judge a blog by it's cover (the design), content or both?

Do you look for a Google Follower gadget on blogs you visit? Do you ever click on one of their followers just to check out a new blog?

Do you like to see a "subscribe to this blog" option?

Do you like to check out the other blog buttons displayed on the blog you are visiting? Do you ever click on them?

Do you like blogs that have contests?

Do you like blogs that have reviews?

Do you think humor is important?

How about pictures?

How many blogs do you have?

How many blogging communities do you belong to? (BlogFrog, Blog Catlaog, etc...)

Anything else you can think of, I would appreciate it.


I must say I have been having so much fun helping others. I must have a teaching spirit!

Have a great night, guys and thanks for any help!


VKT said...

I read blogs that are interesting and humorous. I also like blogs that give me information on topics I am interested in. I don't like blogs that use foul language. I also like to visit blogs where a blogger has left a comment for me that indicated that he or she read the content of my blog.

Prairiemaid said...

I normally read family oriented, unless I am seeking knowledge in a certain area.

Multi-purpose is fine, if I’m not interested in that day’s post, I’ll check back in a day or two.

Cover 40% - Content 60% It is nice that the blog itself has a pleasant look or personality, but if the content isn't loses it's appeal rather quickly.

Yes, yes

Doesn’t matter, I rarely subscribe unless I am “friends” with the blogger. I have too many emails to wade through already.

Normally, I am more apt to click on an interesting comment.

Depends….there still has to be substance.

I often read the reviews and also review books from time to time.


I enjoy the pictures, if they add to the content. Not just pictures for pictures sake.

I have four, I think, but am looking to combing them.


Like you, I like to see some white space. I don’t enjoy blogs that are overloaded with bells and whistles. They take too long to load, which is a waste of my blog time. Another thing, I do not like the use of foul language. There is one meme out there that is really popular, but the hostess uses foul language, so I don't do that meme, even though it is interesting and many bloggers do.

Speaking of which, you didn't ask about memes...If that is all a blogger does, it gets tiring after awhile.

I am so sorry this is so long. Guess you just asked the right questions to let me unload today.

Rika's Crafts said...

The blogs I mostly read are about crafts and card making. I do also read some blogs about families (my friends) and about being a mom.

I'm also a new follower of your blog. Thanks for commenting on mine.

Carolee Sperry said...

I've been getting some great responses to this post- thanks guys!

Those of you who just got here...bring 'em on!

SpitFire said...

I read multiple kinds...homeschooling, fashion, review, mommy-blogs.

I don't really have a feeling on multi-purpose blogs one way or the other.

I prefer blogs to be good in design & content both. However, being a newbie blogger, I try not to be a harsh critic just yet. :)

Yes I like seeing options for subscribing to the blog.

I click on buttons, because sometimes I learn about new things, like FeedBurner, or BlogFrog etc.

I like contests, depending on how they're done.

I have a review blog, so I'd have to say yes, I like them.

Humor is very's part of a persons personality, and a dry blog with no soul, is a sad thing to see.

Pictures are fantastic, and I need to get better about having pictures on my posts.

I have 2 Blogs, and I'm a part of 3 blogging communities.

Kelly's Lucky You said...

I'm following you back from last week's friday follow, better late than never. Nice to meet you.

I like all sorts of blogs. Multi-purpose is fine. I usually breeze through the headlines and stop if there's something interesting.

I love, love, love giveaways! Awesome! Also love bargains.

I only read family friendly.

I like "homey" small blogs more than the bigger lots-of-things goin' on blogs. Reading them is like looking at something a corporation could have put out.

Don't like pop ups!!