Got back from Florida yesterday, headed to Canada today!

I have many "WHY's" associated with my decision to start a home business. I want to be here for my kids when they get home from school. I want to be financially free- pay off the house, pay off the car ( a car that I'm not especially fond of but still owe too much on to get rid of ), buy a new SUV, someday buy a houseboat.And a whole bunch of stuff in between.

I was standing in line at Wally-World this morning and heard the comment, " We just got back from Florida yesterday and we're headed to Canada today."

I turned and looked at the commentator, a spritely woman of maybe 65 or 67 yrs. old. And I thought, "Yeah... another WHY......just take off and go wherever, whenever." Which surprised me being that I'm a home-body.

As I was walking toward my car I thought about that woman's statement and my response to it. I guess I did have a bit of the traveler in me. Last February, my mom and I flew to Houston, TX to attend a Freedom at Home Team event. It was only my 2nd time flying (the first being a whole 45 minutes!) I loved it!
Check out the view!

Then, in July, Ron & I were off to Dallas! And I was even more excited! And the good news is, we are going again this July! And I'll get to meet even more AmeriPlan buddies and renew some old friendships. Can't wait.

I have many places in mind to visit and things I want to do when I am financially free. First, an Alaskan cruise. Then, we'll go from there!

Anyway, tomorrow I'm venturing out on a mini vacation- camping with the Girl Scouts. Yippee, skippee! 6th & 7th graders! They are running 3 stations with activities for about 80 other Girl Scouts. I have my doubts....

Please, my dear friend's-say a prayer for me!

And I'll be talking to you when I get back. I'm checking out info on famous woman who were Girl Scouts (Hilary Rodham Clinton for one!) Maybe I'll throw you all a post about that! Later, friends!



♥Niya♥ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I myself am trying to make my life with my kids better by working from home.